We're Gifted

And we're here to expand the Gift Card market and enable every brand - big and small - to get access to efficient Gift Card programs without paying a fortune. We create the most intuitive user experience in today’s mobile age allowing brands to deliver contactless and fun customer experiences. 

We Make Gift Cards Fun, Easy, and Convenient

Founded in Stockholm Sweden, our footprint spans across the Nordic countries, as well as in major European markets. And we aim to go global. Soon!
At Gifted, we do business in a more enlightened way. We use CO2 hosting, zero plastic, and paper that is environmentally friendly. We follow all the guidelines of Trygg e-handel and Trust E-Commerce Europe so you’re ensured of safety and credibility. 
Join us, as we endeavour to create more delightful experiences for everyone - the brands, the buyers, and the receivers. 

Widest Selection of Gift Cards

With gift cards from the biggest global brands, cinemas, and even local retailers all in one app, it’s easy to use and there’s something for everyone.

An Intuitive User Experience

Our customer-focused brand experience allows you to purchase and share Gift Cards with friends, colleagues, and family instantly via SMS.

A No Fuss Return Policy

We know you may sometimes need to return your Gift Card(s). And for moments when you do, we offer a full refund as long as it’s within the cancellation period.

Get Gifted

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